Elegant Home Style Table with the legendary playability of Diamond Tournament Tables. Available in 1’ thick one piece slate design or three piece slate design.

Available in Colors: Black, Marine Blue, Electric Blue, Tournament Blue, Powder Blue, Grey, Spruce, Dark Green, Green, Blue Green, Olive, Camel, Gold, Wine, Burgundy and Red.

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Built in leveling system, 20 points one piece slate, 40 points 3 piece slate

Manufactured exclusively in Solid Hardwood Maple construction, stained to suit

Bi-Level pocket design mounted flush to the rails, leather tops and ballistic nylon baskets

Comes standard with Simonis 860 cloth

Artemis Cushion Rubber, Intercontinental 66 (K55 profile)

Diamond Professional Ball Rack and rack holder in maple stained to match

Available in 8′ (45’x90’ playing surface) or 9′ (50’x100’ playing surface)

Available in a wide assortment Simonis Cloth colors


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