Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level?

You’ve landed on this page because you’re looking for more than just the occasional 2-hour lesson. You’re tired of mediocrity. You’re ready to commit to your game and do what it takes to get to that next level. Well, I’m here to help!

I offer two options for you, my knowledge-hungry friend. If you’d prefer to knock it out in one go, consider booking a half, full or two-day course. If you prefer your information in bite-sized pieces, then the monthly coaching option is the way to go.

Monthly Coaching

$300 / month

The Monthly Coaching option is available for in-person and remote students. After the initial lesson, if both parties decide it’s a good fit and opt to continue working together, a (minimum 4-month) monthly commitment is required for this package rate.s This commitment allows me to put together the best lesson plan each month based on your personal progress.

Included monthly is (1) 2-hour lesson and (1) additional 30-45 minute follow-up lesson per month (as needed), as well as follow-up correspondence throughout the month (also as needed). I review all our notes and homework from previous lessons before we meet each lesson so I can be best prepared for our time together.

A personal Google Classroomwill be created and used for the following:

  • To streamline all notes & correspondence.
  • To keep all media files in one place.
  • To save all recordings of zoom lessons (for remote students).
  • To assign and upload homework and resources.
  • Simply as an accountability buddy.

Half or Full Day Lessons

(rates are for up to two students)
  • $600 for half-day (4 hours) Billiard University Curriculum ($150/hour)
  • $870 for condensed full-day (6 hours) Billiard University Curriculum ($145/hour)
  • $1.120 for full-day (8 hours) Billiard University Curriculum ($140/hour)
  • $1,620 for 2-day(12 hours) Advanced Billiard University Curriculum $135/hour)

Select from 4, 8 or 12 hour curriculums. The sample curriculum below can be tailored based on each individual student’s needs:

Days 1:

  • Assessment of current ability
  • Complete stroke & mechanics analysis
  • Pre-shot routine & aiming
  • Stun, Follow and Draw techniques and control
  • Cue ball control (position play & execution)
  • Learn and apply the 30 and 90 degree rules, along with the trisect
  • Basic kicking and banking system

Days 2:

  • Learning to effectively aim with sidespin
  • Additional (more advanced) kicking and banking systems
  • CB control principles
  • Break shots
  • Rail cut shots
  • Elevated shots
  • Jump & Masse shots (optional)
  • Set goals and plan for improvements
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Billiard University Boot Camp

Consider joining us for an intensive 3-day billiard boot camp. These camps are held four times a year, two in the spring and two in the fall.