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Pro Vision column on AzBilliards.com

Pro Vision: A Closer Look into the Professional Mind features a different top professional in each article with Q’s & A’s on the strength they’re best known for. Samm Diep gets the pros to divulge the truth on how and why they do what they do.

Pro Vision #1 – The Complete Athlete: Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann

Pro Vision #2 – Sylver Ochoa on Adaptability

Pro Vision #3 – Jennifer Barretta: Balancing Family & Pool

Pro Vision #4 – John Schmidt, Modern Day Straight Pool Master

Pro Vision #5 – Chris Bartram: Action!

Pro Vision #6 – Nick Varner: The Art of the Comeback

Pro Vision #7 – Stevie Moore: Mind over Matter

Samm’s Cue Tips on PoolDawg.com

Player, writer, instructor, and billiard personality Samm Diep shares tips on basic care, instruction, and etiquette.