Congratulations on taking this big step to improving your pool game

Thank You for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

Upon your purchase, you will receive a link to a custom google drive folder where you can upload your three simple videos.

Reference this diagram to see where to place balls and recording device. Execute each of the following three shots with the CB (Cue Ball) at the head spot, the OB (Object Ball / 1 ball) in the center of the table and the target ball (2 ball) frozen to the center of the foot cushion as illustrated in the diagram above.


Shot #1

DRAW SHOT (Side View): Shoot the 1 ball into the 2 ball and draw the CB back to the head cushion.

Shot #2

FOLLOW SHOT (Rear View): Shoot the 1 ball into the 2 ball and follow the CB with enough speed to go off one rail back to the cushion of the head cushion.

Shot #3

CUT SHOT (Aiming-line View, close-up on face preferred): Pocket the 1 balls in either corner pocket.


Upload one (but no more than three) videos of each of the three shots to your assigned Google Drive folder. Upon 48 business hours of your submission, a comprehensive report detailing your stroke analysis will be emailed to you. This assessment will include notes on the following categories:

  • Bridge
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Alignment
  • Eye Pattern
  • Stroke

If you’re unable to upload your videos to the Google Drive folder or have not received your personal link, please contact Samm to make other arrangements.s 

Stroke Video Analysis diagram courtesy of: ‘Dr. Dave’ Alciatore,

Here’s another helpful video you can reference: