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Pro Vision columns ons
Pro Vision: A Closer Look into the Professional Minds features a different top professional in each article with Q’s & A’s on the strength they’re best known for. Samm Diep gets the pros to divulge the truth on how and why they do what they do.
Pro Vision #1 ’“s The Complete Athlete: Thorsten ‘The Hitman’ Hohmann
Pro Vision #2 ’“s Sylver Ochoa on Adaptability
Pro Vision #3 ’“s Jennifer Barretta: Balancing Family & Pool
Pro Vision #4 ’“s John Schmidt, Modern Day Straight Pool Master
Pro Vision #5 ’“s Chris Bartram: Action!
Pro Vision #6 ’“s Nick Varner: The Art of the Comeback
Pro Vision #7 ’“s Stevie Moore: Mind over Matter

Samm’s Cue Tipss ons
Player, writer, instructor, and billiard personality Samm Diep shares tips on basic care, instruction, and etiquette.
Jan 2010 ’“s Chalk It Up, The Proper Way
Feb 2010 ’“s The Big Break Theory
Mar 2010 ’“s The Bridge To Victory
Apr 2010 ’“s The Anatomy of a Pool Match
May 2010 ’“s Consistency Begins with 1-2-3
Jun 2010 ’“s Tried and True (Tip 1 of 2)
Jul 2010 ’“s Tried and True (Tip 1 of 2)
Aug 2010 ’“s The Eyes Have It
Sep 2010 ’“s The Power of the Stop Shot
Oct 2010 ’“s The Power of the Stop Shot (Part 2)
Nov 2010 ’“s Happy Feet
Dec 2010 ’“s 10 Resolutions to Improve Your Pool Game
Jan 2011 ’“s Alignment, My Dear
Feb 2011 ’“s Dealing with Performance Anxiety
Mar 2011 ’“s Can’t Read My Poker Face
Apr 2011 ’“s The Perfect Pendulum Stroke
May 2011 ’“s 5 Key Ingredients for Improvement
Jun 2011 ’“s 20 Minute Tune Up
Jul 2011 ’“s Winning 8 Ball Tip #1: Have A Plan
Aug 2011 ’“s Winning 8 Ball Tip #2: Variety
Aug 2011 ’“s Back to Pool!
Sep 2011 ’“s The Last Ball Jitters
Oct 2011 ’“s The Right Bridge for the Job
Nov 2011 ’“s 10 Ways To Avoid Dawg-ing It


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